The majority of you out there will be in a dilemma whether or not to start a blog. Everyone is afraid of beginning something themselves. The idea is to get out of your comfort zone and let the world know who you are. Not only can you express yourself but you can also share loads of knowledge with others. The whole thing is about being yourself. Gazillions of blogs are accessible online, so make sure that your blog stands out. The measures below are how to test for SEO rankings.

Using Website SEO Ranking:

Select A Niche:

This is where your future as a blogger rests. If you are not what you love, then you’re not going to shine. Choose a subject you are interested in, and not write it for the sake of it alone. Linking up with your customers always plays a significant role. Say bye-bye to your feelings on needing to be a decent reader to be a blogger. Reading the topics that will catch your attention. You’ll find bloggers who also write about their daily lives.

Select A Platform:

You need to find the right site for your blog and there are plenty to choose from, starting with Tumblr, WordPress etc. If you’re not pleased with the given apps, then you can always switch to another one. Having arrived at the component design, keep it simple and interesting. Do you not want to see your readers turned away?


You need to know how the search engines can be automated. Know what keywords to toggle on. People usually search for keywords on the search engine, so it’s better to concentrate on those phrases that trigger further searches. When luck favors you, people will find your blog.

Promoting Blogs:

The key to this is continuity. See for it that every now and then you write. Better the message, your blog is more captivating and there will be more readers rushing in. The search engine’s goal is to give its users the best of the best; if your blog is good enough, your blog will be ranked to top. It is that which is important to foster. Don’t rush it, start promoting 15 or so after you publish and use social media to promote your posts, or add tags to your message.

So, this is how you can use your website ranking to your benefit. If you have any further queries regarding this same then do leave a comment below and we will get back to you.