Choosing a website builder who provides a better surfing experience for visitors will improve the user experience. The thing is, there are several builders of websites that make it harder to figure out what works. But one thing is for sure, with a massive 68.50 percent stake, Android dominates the mobile OS market. So, by focusing on the best Web Designing Software for this particular platform you can considerably reduce your options.


The reason for Wix is that it automatically provides a mobile-optimized version of the template used by Android app developers as an alternative. This means that you must not optimize the mobile site. Wix allows you to edit a mobile version of your site like changing backgrounds and colors, as do other web builders who simply take the website and compress it. Wix directly transfers content to the mobile version, which can hide certain content. So what to show and not show on your mobile Website is your responsibility. Wix is the leading player with over 100 million users at this level of freedom and flexibility. The distinction between Wix and the rest of the pack is how valuable it is for users. No one wants to navigate through the entire site in hurry to find the right information. Only the key information is needed – and Wix can give you the most effective means of delivering that.


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Weebly’s free Android editor is quite recent and reflects the company’s direct effort to cater to a more robust user base. But the developers have done a lot of work to produce this website-builder app for Android that not only enables you to preview the mobile site, but automatically builds a mobile site on your behalf. In comparison to the Wix builder, a separate website must not be created. While mobile user experiences on the Weebly platform are not fully customized, it allows you to drag and drop mobile components. You can select from several color schemes and templates in the Weebly Builder. Moreover, on your Android friendly site you can install social icons. The tool is extremely simple to use, navigate and easy to understand without any difficulties. Moreover it seems extremely professional with its uncluttered appearance.


On the Jimdo website, the concept templates are all mobile friendly. What this means is that any minor improvements would make the site on smartphones look fantastic. The app had a dedicated smartphone editor and a wide variety of models previously offered. Since then, though, they have simplified their strategy and now provide less but more proprietary templates. Notice that each of these models is entirely mobile, so you don’t need to think about how the web is viewed on mobile devices. The Jimdo developer team has ensured that neither device is too complex to fit the ‘easy to use’ mantra of the business.

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