Well, the blogs are all about you like what you need to write about, create, and share with the world where opportunities are endless. There are many topics where people are searching out for key topics on Google, Facebook, and other media social media platforms. So, you need to create a type of blog according to your interests and without motivation, it is unlikely that you will continue to update it on a regular basis. Also, blogging topics need to give some information that really matters to a lot of people. Below are the types of blogs that make money.


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As a self-proclaimed foodie, food blogs are my favorite types of blog where they usually follow a similar content format of categorically-organized recipes. Some will have videos with those recipes as well as social media channels which all connected to the blog in some way. Note that the title needs to contain information that might pull foodie in 5 minutes and the recipe will appeal to anyone who searches for easy, no-fuss cooking.


Sports blogs exist for every type of sport imaginable and even squash. If you have a passion for ESPN and love writing this might be the perfect intersection for you. From covering games ti giving player insights sports blogs are an important source for fans who would love to catch up on what they missed. So, if you are thinking about doing a sports blog then you will have options either to focus on a specific sport or take a more holistic approach like the ESPN.


If you love to go on trips and capture the moments, a travel blog might be right up your alley. There is something about travel blogs that are so relaxing by seeing pictures of gorgeous destinations is always a treat. If you are thinking of launching a travel blog, then you might want to invest in a nice camera.

Fashion and Beauty

This category has always existed and if you have an audience then this can be ridiculously profitable. However, this category is popular for females and there are some guys out there who are killing it. Many have a sizeable following on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. The reason for this category is profitable is because there are a ton of ways to monetize your blog and you can recommend products, do sponsored content, sell your own lines, and more. This can be the types of blogs that make money.

Personal Finance

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This is another topic which is always in demand. Try to look at all the books out there on personal finance. Everything that has to do with saving, investing, and managing your money can be lumped into this category. So, a lot of these blogs will talk about how to get out of debt, invest for retirement, save effectively, and get better deals.

The above-mentioned blog niches are the ideal ones to choose for starting your own blog and making money from it. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about types of blogs that make money. Thanks for reading!