Blogging has been performed from a long time mostly as a hobby where it was quite easy to rank with a smaller number of competition but now the time has changed. With the passing time Google has come up with many algorithms and instructions that are to be followed for ranking on SERP that you can consider for effective results.

Google Confirms that Top Ranking Factors Change Based on Search ...

Top google ranking factors for Blogging


One important thing to keep in mind is that content is still the king. Few years back quantity mattered a lot that is increasing a word count was enough but now quality is much more important than quantity. Make sure you have a real content that is not duplicated and also have a topic that is relatable to the visitors.

Link Building

Link Building or backlink is also one of the google ranking factors for ranking on the top of the search engine result page that is still one of the most important factors for ranking. With link building you can more link from high authority domains that will help you rank for the top keywords that you were not able to rank for.


One of the most important factors to rank on the google page is the freshness of the content. The google freshness algorithm has been an actual game changer and had an influential impact on most of the bloggers. It says the content posted must be fresh and newly to rank as the latest updates must appear first.


Another important ranking factor for google is to correctly follow the local SEO. Schema Markups or Schema Coding is very beneficial as it helps the google bot on what your content is all about and will give them a better understanding on the same which will directly reflect your ranking on search engine.

Mobile First

Another important ranking factor for you your blog to rank is it must be mobile friendly. According to new instructions by google that mobile first indexing that is if your website or the blog is not compatible with the mobile phones then this may be the reason for your site to not rank on the google page.

These are some of the top google ranking factors that you can use for effective and rapid results that will help you gain more and more visitors. Keep visiting to know more on the same.

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