Owning a smartphone with a reasonable price and with all the good features in it is truly a blessing. The presence of a mobile phone is mandatory in today’s world. When you buy a phone, you will always try to get one which has the best battery life, better display size, good storage and the other important factor you look out for is the sound quality that your phone has. With a better sound quality, you can watch films, watch music videos or play music with much sound clarity. Good sound is always good to hear and we know that.

Along with the best sound quality on the backside of the phone, some smartphones also offer front facing speakers which acts as the icing to the cake. It increases the sound overall and enhances the sound quality. There are some smartphones that have been released in the market with the best speakers.

Some of them are Samsung galaxy note 10 series, Google pixel 4 series, Sony Xperia 1 and HTC U12 Plus. The Samsung galaxy note 10 series is one of the best piece that the techno giant has ever launched. They have loud speakers with Dolby audio. The sound quality produced by the mobile phone is equal to the sound produced by the Bluetooth speaker.

Second one is the Google pixel 4 series, one of the best android phone with the best photo quality. Apart from the photo quality, the other factor which is worth appreciable about it is the best and clear sound quality. They have the stereo speakers and they definitely sound better than the ones released in the past. They produce zero distortion when played loud and have many kinds of effects you would want to apply to the music. Google pixel 4 series are the best smartphone speakers available in the market today.

Third one is the Sony xperia 1 which may not be credited as the best smartphone released so far by Sony but it definitely can boast of the best sound quality it produces. It offers dynamic vibration to the sound that it produces through the mobile speakers.

Last one is the HTC U12 Plus which carry the Boom Sound speakers. They don’t have the front facing speakers though but still they manage to come in the list of the smartphones which possess the best speakers.

It’s a sense of satisfaction if the sound quality of the mobile phone is good because it lets you enjoy the sound quality of the video that you are watching and listening to. Always buy the phone that also fulfils the needs.