Are you looking to earn money from blogging or you want to build your blog strongly and after wards you want to earn, for all queries we are here you to provide brief description on how bloggers make money and how exactly they will generate money from blogging.

Here you will learn how money will come and fall in your account, when I started my blog on 2005, I really don’t know how to make money and how to set up the blog also I don’t know, I went lot of researches and lots of hard work to make my own blog, afterwards technology also updated and there are lots of competition in blogging.

The Benefits of Blogging for Marketing Purposes - Business 2 Community

After setting up the blog, I didn’t generate money form blog, I wait 18 months to generate money from one blog, after that so much of visitors are coming to my blog and then I getting money few dollars per week and gradually increase and I never look back in blogging.

Guide to make Money through Blogging?

So many researches and lots of hard works that make me strong in the concept of blogging and in this article, I have given a basic step that can be helpful for your blogging and so many bloggers are living with this concept.

Steps to make money from blog:

Blogging for Dummies – step by step guide to start a blog -

  1. Buy a domain form any one of hosting provider.
  2. Setup the blog of your favourite niche.
  3. Then start your content
  4. In content make sure you will write 1000 words of blog.
  5. Build relationship with your viewers through your content
  6. Start making money out of it, its look simple right, no it will happen when your blog looks creative and unique.

Here is the guide how I will make money form online and blog

  1. Blog Content Sponsoring
  2. Affiliate Programs and Marketing
  3. Advertisements of google for your blog
  4. Sell third parties’ product
  5. Freelancing
  6. Market your own services
  7. Content creation and wetting content

Like these there are lots of way to earn money from blog and online, but for all that you need time and patience, because nothing will come easy you need to make lots of hard work. To conclude that, my monthly income from blogging is $13500 per month and that is not a fixed it keeps fluctuating, hope you get a useful information on how bloggers make money.