Even well-known writers will sometimes fail, and a great anxiety can take you away and wonder if you are wasting time online marketing. This podcast and an enhanced roadmap for the future emerged from one such hysteria. Since then, everything’s been up and up.

Blogging For Business: Become a Learning Center

Listen below to hear about 3 disadvantages of blogging for business and how to deal with them

Disadvantage 1: Time

Time is limited and is the greatest challenge for small business owners in our way of doing what we want to do. For bloggers, this is a major drawback. Blogging is long, my first article was less than 100 words and it took me half a day to create it and to post it. Not the publication, but the editing and continual proofreading took the time. Giving me now a half day of uninterrupted time and I will compose three blog posts with a minimum of 1000 words.

You get better as you blog more you do it but if you don’t have time now it doesn’t really help. You may be deciding to blog but have let your to-do list go down. My suggestion is now to schedule time and to write every week. Plan the posts so you can optimize the amount of time you devote.

Disadvantage 2: The techie stuff

If you are interested in blogging on your own website, you would need to develop it on a blogging platform (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.). Don’t put it off if your website does not help blogging at the moment. You will blog offsite from lots of sites.

I started on Blogger my first business page, and at the time I didn’t get the money for a new website so I started blogging on a website I could afford. You don’t have a reason for too many free blogging sites available today. You will use Blogger, Medium, Tumblr, Square Space and WordPress.com. Even blog posts or Facebook notes may be used to build a new one.

Only start writing now and think about technology at a later date, don’t let the Technologie get into blogging.

Disadvantage 3: The curse of inconsistency

If you have read a blog on a web and found that it wasn’t posted for a year, or more than one year, you’ll know it looks terrible. A dead blog isn’t anything worse than a blog. You must have a daily posting schedule if you’re going to blog on one of your own Website or even one of the free blogging networks.

Consistency is not only useful for keeping your web going, but also for keeping your blog in touch. You should blog once a month at least and ideally more regularly. You can use linkedin posts or Facebook notes in lieu of your own platform if you do not believe you’re able to keep up to the relentless timetable. If you’re rare on these sites it’s less obvious.

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