Mobile phones have become a necessity in everyone’s life. The scenario is such that the existence of mobile phones have become real important and also we have become so dependent on them. Getting a very good and cheap smartphone which possess all the best features like best camera quality, memory, storage, touchscreen, etc is definitely considered to be a blessing. The mobile phones under 25000rs have been introduced which has caused a stir among the consumers leading to its massive selling.

Different smartphone giants have introduced mobile phones under 25000rs. Some of them are Vivo, Redmi, Xiaomi, Honor, etc. They have realized that production of cheap smartphones with all top qualities have actually increased their sales value and have caused them immense profits.

Redmi has come up with Xiomi Redmi K20 Pro which has a unique design and many features like USB Type C charging port. The battery life is 4000mAh which is one unique selling price for this cheap smartphone. The RAM is 128GB storage and 8GB RAM and it will cost you around Rs 22,299.

Second one is the Honor 20. This comes with a bezzle less design and a good capable chipset. It has a good battery life which definitely supports the ones who travel more often and do not get the opportunity to charge their phones. The phone runs Magic UI 2.1 which adds to the benefits of this mobile phone. It has a front camera of 32mp and it carries the processor called HiSilicon Kirin 980.It will cost you around 21,300Rs.

Third is the Samsung Galaxy A70 which has one of the best designs and the removable battery. It also has a fingerprint sensor on the phone which is quite impressive for the sake of the cheap mobile phones. The phone has a modern design and comes with Face Widgets to name a few.  Dual camera setup adds to the appeal. You can shoot some good slow motion videos and it will cost you around Rs 21,998.

Next is the LG V40 ThinQ.  This comes with a glass back and a metal side frame long with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It comes with a battery life up to 3,300mAh. This phone will cost you Rs 22,999.

Choosing a good smartphone is always a difficult option. You try to get ideas from the internet, news and also your family and friends. At last it is your call to choose the best which will serve your needs and requirements.