We are definitely living in an age where we need the best smart TV in order to entertain ourselves. Selecting the best television for your house or for any zone, is one of the hardest choices that you need to make. Many televisions have been launched in the market and the features of those televisions, their cost, their benefits, disadvantages everything differs. It’s our responsibility to study about all the televisions and decide what we want for ourselves.

Smart TV with better panels, better visuals, better shape, and better quality is what you absolutely deserve. Honestly, if we introspect both the ends, we can clearly notice that both the brands have accomplished their brand names in the techno market for its distinguished features and best qualities that they have been delivering so far.

LG smart TV has a reliable OLED. In the LG family, LG 55 INCHES SMART ULTRA HD 4K OLED TV is the best. It has got some good features and one of the unique features actually, but does it make sense if you are actually looking for a rectangular shaped television.  The resolution of this TV is 3840*2160 pixels. It provides the best visuals and has also got immense sound quality.

There are connectivity options like HDMI, WIFI Screen mirroring support and also Bluetooth.  When you talk about webOS, LG has been leading the way. It uses the webOS 4.5 software which brings the secondary menus which is visible over the app icon. The voice assistants used by LG comes with the Google built in and is less compatible with those which are using Alexa.

The OLED panels is a cream point for LG. The best goodies that you get along with the television are some of the best that you can own. You also get a year warranty if you choose to buy this smart TV.