Proofreading is the last stage of blogging, in simpler terms it is a process of examining the text in order to detect and correct the flaws if any that may have taken place when composing the content.  occurred during the writing process. Proofreading should be performed before publishing the content, it can either be done with the help of huge variety of tools or manually. Well, it often happens that a writer might be too close to identify the error but fails to see the flaws In this article we will be discussing noteworthy tips and tricks that would help you correct a text before submitting it.

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Listed below are 3 most effective proofreading techniques;

Read it loud and clear

To identify the errors, reading out the content really loud is one of the most effective ways. While doing this, you might come across sentences that doesn’t really sound right and you can make a note of it. It could be anything, spelling error, wrong punctuation, passive statement not suiting the content, you might have missed adding an article or any such thing and so reading it loud, you can easily identify the mistake when you hear it all by yourself. Since, you will be reading each word of the word article, there’s an increasing number of chances to find a typo. Therefore, sometimes your ears can be more reliable than your eyes, may not see the mistakes, but you will definitely hear it.

Split it into pieces

If the article that you are supposed to proof-read is really lengthy then I would suggest you to split the article into two equal halves, this would make proof-reading easier and faster helping you save much of your time.  However, you will have to stick to a pattern, to begin with, take the introduction, followed by the body and the conclusion part at the last. You will also have to focus on the subheadings to check whether or not they are suiting the content. Last but not the least, keep a check on the numbers and bullet points.

Take your time

Proof-reading has to be done until and unless you are satisfied, doing it 2-3 times is good to go. However, If you find it difficult to take out time from your hectic schedule to proofread a again and again then the only option left for you is to pay full attention to it when you proof-read for the first time and to make it the last one as well. Apparently proofreading a text, the first time is much more effecting than checking it twice or thrice. Go slow and stay focused.

And here the list of some of the most effective tips and tricks that one must follow for proofreading comes to an end. Hope, this article has been informative to you. Do share your reviews about the same.

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