Writing a blog is pretty challenging, promoting it is equally difficult. If you are here reading this article, I assume that you are an aspiring blogger looking about for some tool that would help you handle your blogging more effectively. Nevertheless, there are certain tools that are developed to make blogging easier for you. There are editors build to guide you in order to write reader-friendly content that is grammatically correct. Also, there are tools that can make blogging much more appealing than ever before by adding positive headlines and optimize it SEO friendly and advertise is widely. Listed below are the tools that are great for beginners to start with, these will surely help you improve your writing skills as well as enhance the quality of your blog.

Grammarly: Grammar Checker

The Grammarly Keyboard | Grammarly

The Grammar Checker tool, Grammerly enables to you check the grammatical errors made if any in your text. Also, you can improvise your writing by considering the suggested correction wherever necessary. The key features of Grammarly includes suggesting right punctuation, subtitles for the text and ensuring overall error free editing. Grammarly is free, user-friendly and is very useful to bloggers for writing the content. It is highly recommended for proof-reading content rapidly.


Ginger is pretty much similar to the Grammarly tool, it spots the errors and spelling mistakes if any made while composing the content. To make your content a rich quality one, you can go for its premium version where you can buy more features. It will help you to eliminate repetitive words in the statement. It also suggests the synonyms that best suits the context and the built-in dictionary keeps a check on the statement’s validity while suggesting corrections whenever required. You can also translate your content for over 40 languages.


Hemingwayapp is my personal favorite editing tool. Tools like Ginger and Grammarly focuses on checking and fixing the grammatical errors, Hemmingwayapp is determined to check the readability of the content. It highlights the sentences that are not reader-friendly and suggests alternatives for the same. Also, it alerts you about the usage of passive statement has they not likely to read, active statements are highly recommended for better readability. You can avoid the adverbs as and when possible suggested by the tool.

To sum up, the above listed tools helps you optimize your blog, promote it and eventually help you move towards success. To know more about blogging, stay connected to us.